What Our Customers Say!

  • 5 star ratingMy bf and i really enjoy eating here, they have such good shawarma, i think the only restaurant in NY... read more

    Betty S. Avatar Betty S.

    5 star ratingVery good shawarma
    As good as the ones that we have in Israel.
    Food is always fresh, super friendly

    Moshe V. Avatar Moshe V.

    5 star ratingGreat phone service. Quick delivery. Delicious food. The Shawarma is very fresh and tasty. Hoping to make this my new... read more

    sara s. Avatar sara s.
  • 5 star ratingBest Shoarma I ever had service is fast open late very convenient recommend this place...

    Mona L. Avatar Mona L.

    5 star ratingThey have a good shawarma, the place is very clean and the food is very fresh, the stuff are very frindly.

    Matan B. Avatar Matan B.

    5 star ratingGreat delivery ! Great Food .
    Did not have to pre/pay ... can be paid cash on arrival
    Did not have... read more

    Bruce S. Avatar Bruce S.
  • 5 star ratingI was so happy to find this place. Tase of Israel on the corner of Ave. P and Conney Island... read more

    Eli R. Avatar Eli R.

    5 star ratingBest Shoarma and falafel salads is so delicious
    Quick service hot food
    Open until very late
    Very recommended

    Mark K. Avatar Mark K.

    5 star ratingRecently rediscovered this place on my mission to find Israeli-style falafel. I couldn't be happier to find out that the... read more

    Sonny P. Avatar Sonny P.
  • 5 star ratingHad a Sheva brachos here in the private party room. Really could not have asked for more. The food was... read more

    Chaim L. Avatar Chaim L.

    5 star ratingThis place is wonderful. I love Israeli food and rarely get good food! We stumbled upon it by accident

    Eliza P. Avatar Eliza P.

    5 star ratingGreat food, my office and I pretty much order lunch from them every other day. A++++

    Eric R. Avatar Eric R.
  • 5 star ratingMy second time coming here.  Im not from the area.  The food is delicious, very warm and friendly environment.  Feels... read more

    Shaked C. Avatar Shaked C.

    5 star ratingThe food is very tasty and fresh the place is clean the service is fast and the staff are very... read more

    Shloimy K. Avatar Shloimy K.

    5 star ratingJust ate there last night with my wife and each time we go there we try something new so last... read more

    Milton K. Avatar Milton K.
  • 5 star rating2-3 times a week i have dinner here . very tasty shawarma , and fresh pita . Taste of Israel... read more

    Huseyn M. Avatar Huseyn M.

    5 star ratingMe and a friend ordered 2 shawarmas, I was astonished by the price, but the unbeatable deliciousness of the Shawarma... read more

    Andranik G. Avatar Andranik G.

    5 star ratingThe food here is very delicious and the guys working behind the counter are courteous and very helpful. The manager... read more

    Benson R. Avatar Benson R.
  • 5 star ratingThe place is very clean. I had a shawarma in pita and my GF had grilled chicken on a  plate,... read more

    Avihay O. Avatar Avihay O.

    5 star ratingI'd have to say that this is my new favorite kosher restaurant. I came here with my boyfriend to eat... read more

    Jennifer P. Avatar Jennifer P.

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